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Advanced Instructional

Advanced InstructionalProgram

DESCRIPTION: The Instructional program is for boys and girls and is the backbone of MYHA. Close to 90% of all participants in our program started in the Instructional program.  It is a once a week program, the purpose of which is to introduce the new hockey player to the different skills necessary to play hockey.  The Instructional program will emphasis skating skills, stick handling and puck movement and control. The Instructional program is designed for the 4 to 14 year old player with some prior skating experience (i.e any rink’s Learn to Skate program, Hockey Initiation Program at the Rockville Ice Arena, etc.)  Players entering the Instructional program should be able to demonstrate basic level skating skills – forward stride and ability to stop.  Some of the programs are open to players of all ages and some are age restricted. The program begins in early/mid October and runs until the middle of March. Beginning in late February the ice time for the Instructional program is expanded so the players can have added time for scrimmage games.

REGISTRATION: Players are required to register with USA Hockey first and supply their USA Hockey confirmation number when they register with MYHA. Registration links are below.

Register for USA Hockey and keep the Confirmation Number

Session over. 24/25 Program too be posted here on May 24.

To Register For the Instructional Program, Click here to go to the Registration Page

Then click the Fall/Winter Program Registration Link on the Registration Page

2024/25 Instructional Schedule

The schedule for 2024/25 Instructional Sessions will be posted here by Sep 1, 2024, but the information is in the Fall/Winter Program Information book on the Registration page.

Players must be registered to attend these sessions. See above for registration links.

A meeting on Sunday, September 29 at 5 PM at the Rockville Rink: Coach Rob Keegan will discuss the program and equipment required plus explain the proper way the equipment should fit. If you have questions about equipment and how it should fit, please wait to purchase equipment until after this meeting.


EQUIPMENT: Full hockey equipment is required for all of these sessions as listed below:

-Hockey helmet with full face/shield (HECC approved)
-Hockey pants
-Shin guards
-Hockey socks
-Elbow pads
-Hockey gloves
-Hockey skates
-Shoulder pads
-Hockey stick
-MYHA will provided a jersey

Spring Instructional and Instructional Scrimmage

After the Fall/Winter Instructional Program ends there will be a Spring option for more Instruction or for game play. That information will be posted here by February 1, 2024.

Questions About the Program?